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Injustice has no colour no smell no sound no taste but it seems to be a

permanent companion of gifted species from childhood to adult.

The decision to found a center may have been the results of my victims to unjust social environment. With the Goal to spare gifted and talented children the same fate as mine. I knew it would be a hard time but I was ready for this new challenge. My life, my experiences, my destiny and my education has prepared me to become strong and resistent.

Everyday I have to deal with gifted children of different age, who come to my center and complain about the situation in kindergarten, in school and sometimes at home. Preschoolers who are able to read before school in very early years are scared away from reading by educators, without training for gifted children, in kindergarten and other children who are bullying them because of it. The love for reading is taken from them unknowingly.

Gifted schoolchildren complain about boredom beause they know already what is being taught and are mobbed again when they want to do more than asked by the teacher. Teachers tell them to fit in and consider the needs of the so called normal children. Integration in the understanding of teachers like that robs gifted children of their enthusiasm for learning.

When they become teenagers symptoms like underachievement and violence become evident. They complain that nobody understands them, but are unable to find a solution on their own.

In my counselings I am trying to give them courage in their own competence forsolutions, courage for change, and I listen to them. The problems follow them their whole life and even I have to deal with problems like bullying, ignorance, and arrogance. When I have new ideas I have to fight for them, like my idea for the Global Virtual Meetings for sharing information and experienes globaly. In the beginning I received mails to stop them. The same when I started a cause to establish a day for gifted children over one year ago, I was told to stop and not mention it again and they called it diplomatic and did it themselves without mentioning me.

I really dont mind but having that day for Gifted Children is the most important thing, just because it shows the importance of these children. They must be proud of their talents and not shame. Hiding an idea, not talking about the truth and not complaining about it is hardly diplomacy.

How are we to help children when we see the facts and supress them?

How are we to help the children when we forget them and put ourselves into

middle instead of the children?

How are we to help the children if we as educators are not united in the cause?

If those children are important for our future what are we doing now?

Should we not begin to open our eyes, ears, and mouths, and show courage to see the truth and support eachother?

It is time for us to think about these things instead of critizing me for opening my mouth. Fact is whatever I do, I do just to help Gifted Children and I can not cope with the injustice.

I have waiting for this moment over 30 years.