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Late in December is always the time for reflection, thinking and dreaming. We consider how our thinking has been affected by what we’ve learned during the past year, what we have changed and what we are going to achieve. Imagine a child, who has been tested with the diagnosis „Gifted“. What will happen then? What will change? Who is affected the most by this fact? I remember as I was tested, I really did not know what is going on and this is the same situation for many of my young clients. Parents are confronted with the decision wether to tell their child about the result of the test, about the „Giftedness“ and so many questions that are going through their mind. For me to understand why I am different and what being gifted means was always a mystery.

On my way to find out who I am and what was right or wrong with me I felt myself in a dark maze, looking for small spark of light.

The more I searched the more confused I became. It seemed to be an endless mystery. There is still no common definition for „Giftedness“. Why? Because some scientists and researchers believe that a scientific definition for Giftedness is not possible or nessesary. They prefer to predict which children will accomplish something extraordinary. But they do not define this. This is not scientific for them and they just explore it.

What we can do for gifted childen now? How can we help them?

I think a definition is not really important for a child. Every child longs for warmth, love, understanding and caring. It is time to put our power, ideas and creativity to find a solution, to take care of emotional needs and special needs of these children. Accompany them to a better world , then they are going to enlighten our darkness in the future.

Gifted or not gifted…children deserve our love and individual support!

Merry Christmas and Happy New year 2012!

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