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The Global Virtual Meeting for Gifted Education

An idea whose time has come was waiting there all along.  ~Carrie Latet

I joined Second Life on Nov. 2003 and very soon I noticed the possibility of sharing informations, experiences and knowledges globally in this way.

When you have an idea, you need to be patient too. So I had to wait for the right moment to explain my idea and share it.

When you have an idea and you are sure that it is a good idea, you should believe in it and never give up easily.

On August 2010 I started „The first Global Virtual Meeting for Gifted Education in secondlife“ with only 5 participants from Germany, Australia, UK. At that time  I was not sure that this would be successful but I kept going.

I had to deal with many problems for example;

  • Finding a speaker with passion and interest in sharing experiences in this way without asking for payment.
  • Answering many questions about how to create an avatar and what is secondlife, about Global time zone.
  • Support with technical issues.
  • How to move with an avatar or to join this event in a virtual world like secondlife.

By the way it is still a lot of fun to see how this idea is working well so far.

I really enjoyed to teach some highly gifted educators with skype, how to create an avatar and give a speach in this event.

Now if you are curious to attend the next event, here is some usefull information for you:

  1. Create an avatar in secondlife
  2. Download the secondlife viewer
  3. Send us your avatar´s name, your real name (email to
  4. You need a headset and set up voice for this event
  5. Teleport your avatar to this place in secondlife

Here is a video with all last speakers at the Global Virtual Meeting for Gifted Education.

The information about this event in 2012 is here. I hope to see many of you at this event because we should follow the same goal, supporting gifted children globally!