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Archiv für Februar, 2012

„My country is the world…“

It is the Gifted Education Awareness Week 2012 in Irland and it´s my pleasure to dedicate my blog to this important movement.

I have never been in Irland but I have heard a lot about how beautiful this country is and how friendly the people are. Do you know this song from Eurovision Song Contest 2010, Ireland, Artist : Niamh Kavanagh
Song title : It’s For You? 

This song reminds me of a parent of a gifted child, who is praying to God :

 Let The Light Of My Love Shine Bright!

Last Summer we organised a virtual Summercamp for gifted kids from all around the world. In this project I had the opportunity to meet a young boy from Irland. He was not just very creative and created a lot of virtual things in our world but he was a fantastic gifted child. Sometimes when I saw what he did, I just had a wish in my heart to create a real world like this virtual to give these talented kids the possibility to shine and show their abilities.

Fact is all children have talents in one or more areas and it is our duty to create an optimal environment, where they can get the best education possible.

I think we can change the world for our bright kids, step by step into a better world if we cared more for a better gifted education and  showed unity in supporting their needs. Using technology and social networks could be a good start to share our experiences with each other because we all belong together, wherever we are. This is our planet, this is going to be our future and we love our children. All of them. In this way I wish you success for your awareness week!

„My country is the world, and my religion is to do good.“

Thomas Paine