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Project German-Ukraine junioruniversity for Air and Space

Under the patronage of the german science astronaut Prof. Dr. Ulrich Walter and the ukrainian astronaut Prof. Dr. Leonid Kadeniuk the German-Ukrainian Junior University of Aeronauticsand Astronautics was held on 16 – 22 April 2012 in Munich. Twenty young people from Ukraine and Germany conducted research together in the laboratories of the Technical University Munich, visited the German Museum and attended a lectures by Prof. Hock at the TUM Weihenstephan. At the meeting there was a lot of opportunity for the young people  to get to know each other and to create new friendships. In July the second part of the project is going to take place: a meeting of the young people in Kiev.

The event is being organized by the center of Bavaria Center for Gifted and talented Children and the Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, with the support of the MariaTheresa-Gymnasium, Munich, the Deutsches Museum, Munich and the Technical University of Munich.