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Archiv für Juli, 2012

A memory…

One day you will be just a memory,

in those little hearts,

who trusted you,

called you the giver of light.

One day the world will remember you,

as the power of dreams.

Remember today all good moments!

So wipe your tears from your cheeks,

stand up and fight for peace.

Hope is like a candle on the top of the lighthouse,

next to the stormy ocean.

That can never be extinguished,

by those puffs from the breeze of haters and ignorants.

Move on…move on.

Light up…light up,

The world is watching you now.


Can you understand me?

I see what you can not see,

I feel what you can not feel,

My imagination brings me everywhere,

My fantasy lets me fly in an invisible world.

Sometimes it is good to be different!

Can you understand me?

~ Roya Klingner