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Sometimes I have crazy ideas and when I look around me everything can inspire me to get more ideas and create new things like a „speaking fairy“

Am I creative? I don´t know but let me tell you about my newest creation.

I like paremsan, fairies, ballons, working with clay to create new things, my ipad and all my apps,…!

You may ask me now what should we do with all these things and I will tell you how eating parmesan and thinking about fairies inspired me to create a video of a „speaking fairy“.

1- You need an empty box of paremsan or something like that,

2- A ballon

3- Clay

4- Now create a fairy face, like this one that I created

5- Take a picture of it with your iphone or ipad.

6- Morfo is a cool app you should give it a try:

7- Create a video with your picture of fairy like this one,


Ok, now you will hopefully understand how things around me inspire me to create and combine all ideas in my head to create new things. It is fun.

Creativity is like water for my thirsty soul.

I have to create to enjoy my flow and flow give me positive energy. Have fun by finding your flow.

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