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More than just a conference…

The Global Center for Gifted and Talented Children organised a yearly conference for educators, researchers, teachers and parents. In 2013 we have organised it in Toulouse, France. I will tell you how everything started and how we were able to organise an international conference outside of Germany, where our center is located.

As I asked on our page on facebook, that we were looking for a place to organise our upcoming conference, Hélène Ribeiro replied to my question: France!

At that time I had a strange feeling in my heart and asked myself: How could this be possible. I have never met this woman in my life and all I know is that she is a educator and advocator for gifted education in France. I contacted her and asked her to skype and talk about it. On 24. Januar 2013 at 06:22 we met eachother on skype and talked about the conference.

I contacted Prof. Gagné, Prof. Pfeiffer and Prof. Touron and asked them to become a speaker at our conference and all of them agreed. Yeappy, I said to myself!

Hélène asked Prof. Fourneret and Prof. Vaivre-Douret  and both of them accepted too!

I created the logo and the website for the conference and Hélène with her friends organised everything in Toulouse. I went to Toulouse to check everything and created for advertising this video as well:

As the date of the conference drew closer I could hear the beating of my heart, I was so excited.

I met Hélène first time in my life at the Hotel in Toulouse. Such a great and powerfull woman and I am so glad to call her my friend!


The conference started on  October 5th and everything was very well organised. So many interested educators, teachers and parents from all over the world. I had a very good feeling in my heart.

The first highlight of our conference was Sophie Béguier. She played harpe with heart and soul! She touched my soul.

On October 6th, it was my turn to speak in front of more than 100 participants. A very special thanks to Mr. Bruno Blum, who translated my speach to French! Bruno is a very talented and creative person. I am very glad to have met him.

After my presentation I got many prositive feedbacks and I was so happy to see that people enjoyed it.

The second highlight of our conference was, the celebration of Prof. Gagné´s birthday. Can you imagine, when so many people sing a birthday song in French and English? It was a fantastic moment in my life.

Together, we made a great conference and everyone enjoyed it. Above all that I have so many good friends in France and I know that I am not alone on my way to help gifted children globally! Yes, we made it a memorable event in the history of gifted education…Merci Hélène! Merci France!



The titles of presentations:
Prof. Gagné: „Real academic talent development: A DMGT perspective“
Prof. Pfeiffer: „Lessons learned working with high-ability students: Ability is not enough and strenghts of the heart make a difference“
Prof. Touron:
„Talent Search, talent development: are our schools prepared for the challenge?“
Prof. Fourneret: „high ability, adolescence and feelings: an irreconcilable dilemma?“
Prof. Laurence Vaivre-Douret: „Specific developmental early childhood to high potential.“
Roya Klingner: „The best practice for the development of high potential and talent in twenty-first century.“