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Since August 2010, together with my husband Klaus E. Klingner, we organised the Global Virtual Meeting for Gifted Education in Second Life.

About the Event:

Exploring the possibilities of Gifted Education in Second Life The purpose of the conference is to cultivate a global virtual meeting, sharing knowledge and experience about gifted education for students, educators, teachers and parents. The concept for these meetings was created by me, Roya Klingner, head and founder of the Global Center for Gifted and Talented Children.

The event is open for everyone free of charge.

How to join this event?

Step by step I will try to explain, how to create an avatar in SL and join our free event:

– Go to the second life website.

– create an avatar. (



– Download secondlife viewer on your pc. (


– Join the virtual world of second life with your avatar by clicking on the file secondlife in your pc.

– Click on the following link to join the event:


– For registration, please send us (contact) your name, your avatar´s name and introduce yourself, your role (educator, parent, advocate, blogger, other) & share where you are living or from.

– All you need is a headset and a fast internet access.

– Check your voice and your sound in secondlife in SL before the event.

– Make sure to join our event at right Time by using this link: (

If you have still question, please ask us!

We hope to meet you at the next Global Virtual Meeting for Gifted Education in SL.

Following speakers are going to share their experiences and knowladge in 2014 with you:


January 25th 2014 – Dr. Leticia Hahn (USA)



February 22th 2014 – Dr. Mary Bruck (USA)



March 29th 2014 – Dr. Monita Leavitt (USA)



April 26th 2014 – Cynthia Z Hansen (USA)



May 24th 2014 – Dr. Bonnie Cramond (USA)



June 28th 2014 – Dr. Jude Matyo-Cepero (USA)



July  26th 2014 – Josh Shaine (USA)



August 23th 2014 – Dr. Brenda George (USA) and Dr. Richard Cash (USA)



September 27th 2014 – Dr Susan Nikakis (Australia)



October 25th 2014 – Rosnick Karen (USA)



November 22th 2014 – Dr. Gillian I. Eriksson (USA)



December 13th 2014 – Roya Klingner (Austria)

If you are interested to check our past presentations, please use Giftedpad at our virtual library in SL.





My avatar in SL since 2003

About our past events in SL: (

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