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Archiv für Februar, 2014

Development of potential and creativity without borders…Just everywhere!

I believe that we can develop the creativity and potential of kids, as soon as we know how, everywhere.

Patience, passion, experience and knowledge are very important to start a project with kids, with the goal to discover their potentials and talents and to develop them. I already shared my experiences with refugee kids from Afghanistan and how talented they are. (Click here to read my blog)

I stopped my work with refugees in Salzburg and started to work with schoolkids in Bavaria part time  a few weeks ago. Because I like to work with kids and I get inspiration for my new stories from them. In addition it helps to support my center financially.

I ordered a white board for my group and from its packaging, we created a theater for the kids. They helped me by painting and drawing with lots of fun. During our work they started to talk about new ideas for a play for the other kids and making tickets and selling them. It was amazing to see how a simple thing could change the situation to a creative lesson.


7743_10151841439412027_1703029524_nThe next project was to create a library for them and read stories and motivate them to write stories of their own and read them for other kids. One of the kids, who was always fighting and yelling around joined this project and started to write stories with self drawn pictures for them. It was fantastic to see how proud this child was to read the story to other kids.

Sometimes you do not need to do big things to change a child´s life. These simple steps can help them to discover their talents and to enjoy developing their potential step by step! What do you think?