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The first fable about Gifted Children and for Gifted Children

I read so many children books in my life and they inspired me to write stories for children today. My frist book, that I wrote and illustrated, was Dandelina and it is in German. when I was a child I  wanted to read a story book about Gifted Children but there was no book for us. Later on I was looking for books in this area but I could not find any that I had in my mind. Most books are about problems of gifted kids. The idea waited in my mind for a right moment to make it happen and write a story book myself. Like Hermann von Wissmann said: „If I do not find a way, I will make one on my own.“ Dr. Monita Leavitt and I have known eachother for a long time. We understand eachother so good and sometimes I feel that she can read my mind and develop my creativity best. Together we attended  many international conferences for Gifted Children and developed programs for teachers in  many countries. When she came to Germany for our 3rd conference in  2011, I talked to her and shared my idea about writing a book for gifted kids. She liked my idea and we started to develop and work on this idea together. 477481_374190725971072_461525588_o     It took 3 years from that moment and finally we published our book on May 2014, „Let it flow“ g90513-0 The illustration of the book took only one day for me. It was fun! 303331_10150681242227027_747493174_n A few weeks ago, we presented  our Book together at the Seng Conference  and the importance of Flow in Gifted Children. We received  many positive feedbacks about our book and our presentation afterward. We are working on more books for Gifted Children and their parents and teachers now. 🙂 10497225_737603819629759_1500549634093003709_oroyaandmonitaseng2014 BtR8NWlCIAAVGZF Bs3ZUC9CMAAr3Lk

An Interview with Dr. Monita Leavitt and Roya Klingner: Let it Flow – Jul 23, 2014 by Michael Shaughnessy EducationViews Senior Columnist 

I hope Gifted Children all around the world will read our book; Let it flow and send us feedbacks too. Happy Reading! Here is the page for Let it flow on the facebook.