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Archiv für Oktober, 2015

Did you know?

Sometimes there are more than 1000 questions in my mind and I still have no answer for them but maybe you know why or maybe you do not, but ;

  • Did you know that we need new IQ tests but nobody cares or have money to make one. We still use the same things that we used 40 years ago?
  • Did you know, that we knew so many secrets about gifted educators around the world but we do not share them?
  • Did you know, there is no unity in Gifted Education community organisations & they bullying eachothers sometimes?
  • Did you know, that we survived cyberbullying and bullying and we are going to celebrate the 7th birthday of our center on November first 2015?
  • Did you know, there are still many myths about gifted kids?
  • Did you know, that not all gifted kids are top students with good grades?
  • Did you know, that many researchers & professors in gifted education are getting old or retired but we do not have new people to replace them?
  • Did you know, that Gifted Children are suffering in many countries around the world because teachers do not know about ?
  • Did you know, we need worldchangers to solve global problems?

Thank you for reading some of my questions but I hope we will find answers for them soon….