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My Interview with Marc Webb

Have you seen the movie Gifted? I saw it two times and I can see it more and more.

Both times, I was invited by the Twentieth (20th) Century Fox Film company International and I appreciate it.

They also organised my Interviews with Marc Webb and Mckenna Grace.

Marc was busy with making another movie but he gave me time to ask him my questions. Thank you, Marc!

Here is my interview:

Just like a „Miracle“…

This week is the 3rd Gifted Awareness Week in Ireland and I am pleased to take part  in this event to support Gifted Education there with my blog.

imageWe know that we have children with high potential in every country around the world and they need special education but unfortunatly the education system in so many schools around the world can not meet the needs of these children.
There are so many lacks and problems that we have to solve first before to do anything in this way.
– Lack of financial support for teacher training in gifted education
– A heavy curriculum and lack of time to treat the gifted child individually
– Lack of understanding and tolerance about gifted children and their differences with average children
– Lack of unity between gifted educators, gifted advocators and parents of gifted children.
At this point I will stop talking about problems and prefer to talk about the solutions.
As a specialist in gifted education and a solution focused therapist, let me ask you a miracle question.  The Miracle Question is a popular question in Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT) — a type of therapy that focuses less on problems and the past and more on solutions and the future. The genius behind this question is that it forces you to stop thinking about why you can’t achieve something and allows you to imagine how your life could be if something miraculous occurred.

“Suppose tonight while you sleep, a miracle happens.  When you awake tomorrow morning, all problems in gifted education are suddenly solved?”

If this miracle were happen to me it would be something like this situation:
– People will respect and continue to learn from the experiences of the old gifted educators, who are not present in social media and they will take care of them to not fall into forgetfulness and keep appreciating them and interview or ask them for advice.
– The young generation of educators will be motivated to learn more about gifted education.
– Teachers are more and more dedicated to take care of high able kids and learn more about differentiations and ask experts to raise their knowledge about gifted education.
– Parents will be satisfied that their children get the right education and there will be no more complaints
– Gifted kids will be happy, laughing and delighted with their serenity education and justice in the society and therefore could develop their potentials and express them.
– The gifted researchers and gifed advocators will work together and will  solve problems rather than take care of their own egos and self-presentation.
– There will be  no thought or discussions about your country or my country but our world, our planet our globe…
At the moment all that is like a good dream but like what Eleanor Roosevelt said: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Lets dream of a better future for gifted education, talk less and do more.
Lets start to share our experiences and knowledge in gifted education in peace and harmony.
Lets celebrate the gifted awareness week in Irland and hope for mre efforts like this around the world…step by step…


I love Saturn – The way to understand gifted children

One day a mother came in my center and she was looking for consulting for her 3years old daughter. She said that her daughter could read books, writes in English and German and that she was very interested to learn more about everything but especially about planets, space and gallaxy.
I still wanted to experience herself, that she can read.  From the shelf I gave her a randomly chosen book and she began to read fluently. I did not trust my eyes anymore. That little girl looked like other children of her age but her ability made a huge difference.  Her mother said that she did not feel well in kindergarten and was very lonely and bored.
I asked the little girl, which planet is your favorite? She looked in my eyes  with her bright eyes and answered: “ Saturn“. I tried to to look cool and appealing and asked her again: “ oh because of ringy, bingy around it?“ She threw a serious look at me and said : „This is not a ringy BINGY! It is all about compressed gases by ….“ and she told me about the  physical and scientific facts about Saturn. I was just speechless.
That was one of several talented children, we help  daily in Bavarian Center for Gifted and Talented Children but not all are the same and equal.
Gifted children like other children have different profiles, different problems and different needs.
Of course not all of them are able to write or read early but they have many or all of the following characteristics that are usually associated with giftedness in the early years. Young children who are potentially gifted often:
  • have a high energy level
  • have a wide range of interests
  • Have a great memory
  • advanced vocabulary
  • Perfectionistic
  • Very creative
  • Prefer older companions or adults
  • Have a great sense of humor
  • Highly sensitive
Fact is that all these characteristics make raising a gifted child very difficult or better to say challenging for parents. These kids need a diverse program to better promote their needs and their talents. It is very important that the interests of the child are taken into account. High interest provides greater motivation and concentration and better results, otherwise they  often react bored, stubborn and even angry, if there is no interest for the topic or due to repetition. As a parent of these children a lot of patience, understanding, calmness and positive thinking is a necessity.
To better understand these children it is very important for parents, educators and teachers to inform themselves about the topic.