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A new book about Gifted Underachiever

Gifted Underachiever is a Problem. Many gifted children are suffering in the schools around the world.

In the past month, I have been busy again. We worked on a new book. I am glad that we worked together again. Who? About what?

Titel: Gifted Underachievers

Publisher: Nova Science Publishers in USA, 2017
Accountable talent:
under and overachievement as investible human capital
Roland S Persson, Ph.D. Prof.
Jönköping University, Jönköping, Sweden
Gifted Underachievers Under-the-Radar
Gail Post, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist, USA
Christine Hunt Hjorth
first grade teacher certified in Elementary and Early Childhood Education, USA
Profoundly Gifted Underachievement
Jessica Potts, Ph.D.
Teacher in Secondary Education, USA

Underachievement and Giftedness: Fission and/or Fusion?
Karen B. Rogers, Ph.D., Professor Emerita
Special Education & Gifted Education Department
University of St. Thomas
College of Education, Leadership & Counseling, USA

EQ Skill Gaps Contributing to Underachievement
Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG), Inc.
Kate Bachtel. PhD, President
Solution Oriented Coaching for Gifted Underachievers
Roya Klingner
Head and Founder of the Global Center for Gifted & Talented Children, Germany

The Illustration for the cover is my work too:

Instagram: Gifted Underachiever by Roya Klingner

This book will inform parents, educators and researchers about this topic. I hope to help more gifted children, who are dealing with this problem in this way.

Remember! There is no problems, only undiscovered solutions 😉

Happy 📖 Reading!


My Interview with Marc Webb

Have you seen the movie Gifted? I saw it two times and I can see it more and more.

Both times, I was invited by the Twentieth (20th) Century Fox Film company International and I appreciate it.

They also organised my Interviews with Marc Webb and Mckenna Grace.

Marc was busy with making another movie but he gave me time to ask him my questions. Thank you, Marc!

Here is my interview:

My AVATAR in secondlife for Gifted Education – The Global Virtual Meeting for Gifted Education

Since August 2010, together with my husband Klaus E. Klingner, we organised the Global Virtual Meeting for Gifted Education in Second Life.

About the Event:

Exploring the possibilities of Gifted Education in Second Life The purpose of the conference is to cultivate a global virtual meeting, sharing knowledge and experience about gifted education for students, educators, teachers and parents. The concept for these meetings was created by me, Roya Klingner, head and founder of the Global Center for Gifted and Talented Children.

The event is open for everyone free of charge.

How to join this event?

Step by step I will try to explain, how to create an avatar in SL and join our free event:

– Go to the second life website.

– create an avatar. (



– Download secondlife viewer on your pc. (


– Join the virtual world of second life with your avatar by clicking on the file secondlife in your pc.

– Click on the following link to join the event:


– For registration, please send us (contact) your name, your avatar´s name and introduce yourself, your role (educator, parent, advocate, blogger, other) & share where you are living or from.

– All you need is a headset and a fast internet access.

– Check your voice and your sound in secondlife in SL before the event.

– Make sure to join our event at right Time by using this link: (

If you have still question, please ask us!

We hope to meet you at the next Global Virtual Meeting for Gifted Education in SL.

Following speakers are going to share their experiences and knowladge in 2014 with you:


January 25th 2014 – Dr. Leticia Hahn (USA)



February 22th 2014 – Dr. Mary Bruck (USA)



March 29th 2014 – Dr. Monita Leavitt (USA)



April 26th 2014 – Cynthia Z Hansen (USA)



May 24th 2014 – Dr. Bonnie Cramond (USA)



June 28th 2014 – Dr. Jude Matyo-Cepero (USA)



July  26th 2014 – Josh Shaine (USA)



August 23th 2014 – Dr. Brenda George (USA) and Dr. Richard Cash (USA)



September 27th 2014 – Dr Susan Nikakis (Australia)



October 25th 2014 – Rosnick Karen (USA)



November 22th 2014 – Dr. Gillian I. Eriksson (USA)



December 13th 2014 – Roya Klingner (Austria)

If you are interested to check our past presentations, please use Giftedpad at our virtual library in SL.





My avatar in SL since 2003

About our past events in SL: (

Just like a „Miracle“…

This week is the 3rd Gifted Awareness Week in Ireland and I am pleased to take part  in this event to support Gifted Education there with my blog.

imageWe know that we have children with high potential in every country around the world and they need special education but unfortunatly the education system in so many schools around the world can not meet the needs of these children.
There are so many lacks and problems that we have to solve first before to do anything in this way.
– Lack of financial support for teacher training in gifted education
– A heavy curriculum and lack of time to treat the gifted child individually
– Lack of understanding and tolerance about gifted children and their differences with average children
– Lack of unity between gifted educators, gifted advocators and parents of gifted children.
At this point I will stop talking about problems and prefer to talk about the solutions.
As a specialist in gifted education and a solution focused therapist, let me ask you a miracle question.  The Miracle Question is a popular question in Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT) — a type of therapy that focuses less on problems and the past and more on solutions and the future. The genius behind this question is that it forces you to stop thinking about why you can’t achieve something and allows you to imagine how your life could be if something miraculous occurred.

“Suppose tonight while you sleep, a miracle happens.  When you awake tomorrow morning, all problems in gifted education are suddenly solved?”

If this miracle were happen to me it would be something like this situation:
– People will respect and continue to learn from the experiences of the old gifted educators, who are not present in social media and they will take care of them to not fall into forgetfulness and keep appreciating them and interview or ask them for advice.
– The young generation of educators will be motivated to learn more about gifted education.
– Teachers are more and more dedicated to take care of high able kids and learn more about differentiations and ask experts to raise their knowledge about gifted education.
– Parents will be satisfied that their children get the right education and there will be no more complaints
– Gifted kids will be happy, laughing and delighted with their serenity education and justice in the society and therefore could develop their potentials and express them.
– The gifted researchers and gifed advocators will work together and will  solve problems rather than take care of their own egos and self-presentation.
– There will be  no thought or discussions about your country or my country but our world, our planet our globe…
At the moment all that is like a good dream but like what Eleanor Roosevelt said: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Lets dream of a better future for gifted education, talk less and do more.
Lets start to share our experiences and knowledge in gifted education in peace and harmony.
Lets celebrate the gifted awareness week in Irland and hope for mre efforts like this around the world…step by step…