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#WCGTC #IYGC Roya Flies a Kite for Giftedness, in memory of her father!

The first kite in my life was made by my father with very simple material like paper, glue and wood mat. It was fun to see the kite dancing with the wind and going higher and higher.

This year  the 20th Biennial World Conference of the WCGTC will be held in Louisville, Kentucky USA. Unfortunately I can not attend this time the conference but I wish all participants best wishes.

It is also the International Week of the Gifted and the International Year of Giftedness and Creativity. The WCGTC is flying kites for Giftedness and I thought, I should do that too.

I fly a kite for Giftedness but what is Giftedness? There is still no uniform definition for it but nevermind I will try to support this event.


The community of Gifted Educators worldwide is a very small group of Professors, Researchers, Teachers and Parents of Gifted children. If you are new and want to fly high like a kite, just dance with the wind 😉

As soon as you have good ideas and will not dance with them, you will go through a very complicated system. Some people will cyberbullying you, ignore you and spread lies around you. This is what I myself have experienced.

Please be careful, they can extinguish a star or make a noob to superstar and call it politic!

By the way back to the creativity and development of talent and potential, which I think is more important than to talk about just Giftedness!

In my opinion, every child has potential and a gift. We have to learn to find and develop it.

Let me tell you about my work with refugee Kids from Afghanistan. I started a project at 12.12.2012 in Salzburg. All of them are very smart and talented. One of them is Mehdi. He is 16 years old from Afghanistan. He is just different than other boys. Very soon, he was able to show us how creative he is. He made with simple material a house, a donkey and a sheep.


I gave him a brush to paint fist time in his life and motivated him to try. He did a great job. Look!


It is amazing to see him by creating or working on a new painting project. Here is a picture of him by painting. He had flow:


I fly a kite for those children, who dream for a better world with peace and harmony to realize their dreams like Mehdi, Malala Yousafzai and so many other kids from around the world.

I fly a kite for Giftedness, in memory of my father! He always thought me to forgive my enemies. He said, there is a sweet taste in friendship and positivity and it is true!

Tomorrow is the day that he turned to the light to be always on my side. Rest in Peace Dad!

Dad! I love you and miss you so much but thank you for all good things that you thought me in my life. With all good memories of you in my heart, I will follow my dream and help all kids, poor or rich, black or white, gifted or not gifted,…

baba and Roya

My father and I

I fly a kite but for all children around the world. PEACE & LOVE!