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The first Gifted Awareness Week in Germany

Gifted Awareness Week Germany 2013

Aktionswoche – Gemeinsam für Hochbegabte Kinder in Deutschland

The 1st Gifted Awareness Week Germany 2013

Today is the last day of the first Gifted Awareness Week in Germnay. A project that my center, The Global Center for Gifted and Talented Children organised to raise the awareness about this important topic.

So many great Gifted Educators, Gifted Advocators and friends supported this event and I can proudly say it was a wonderful and successful event. We care for Gifted Kids and that is our main interesst and message.

Why do I care for Gifted children?

I was once one of them and it was a dream to help them as soon as I can. The way was stony but my goal was clear. And today I enjoy my work a lot. I have learned to put my goal not on people and not on things but on my dream.


Now I dream of  a day, when our schools support our talented kids, our society understands the power of unity and a better understanding for those kids, who are just different. It is not our intention to create any sort of elite. Fact is gifted children are not better than other children. There are just different, and because they are different, they have special needs. We aim to create a suitable environment for the children and youngsters where they can adequately develop their special talents and gifts.

Who knows me they already know that I work hard for my center. I live in Germany, work in Germany and Salzburg (traveling between two countries every week), fight with ugly cyberbullying, fight with ignorance, keep smilling and cry in my heart, work more than 20 hours daily, have to think very creatively, have a daily long to do list and more but I do all that because I care for my dream, I care for Gifted kids, I care for a better future because

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Thank you for all you do to support me on my way… 🙂

Gifted Education Awareness Week in Namibia

Today is the last day of the Gifted Education Awareness in Namibia and I would like to thank everybody, who supported our movement in different ways.

So many Gifted Educators from different countries wrote articles and blogs to raise the awareness, which  is a part of our project, Talent Development for Kids in Namibia-2012.

From Africa, Silvia van Biljon started with her very interesting article about her homeland, Namibia, with the titel „Discovering Talents and Giftedness in Namibia“. She is also mother of a very talented gifted boy and one of the project coordinators as well. Together with Silvia, I am going to start a new chapter of education in Nambia to support our talented kids there.

From USA, Lisa Conrad, a great gifted educator, parent of gifted kids and a true supportive friend, wrote a blog on March 12th and I would like to quote what she wrote here: Gifted children exist in all regions and countries of the world. In virtually every setting, raising awareness of their existence is the first step in providing for their education and well-being. The next step is to ensure that teachers are provided with knowledge of how to meet the needs of these extraordinary children and then to implement appropriate educational programs. “ 

This is a fact that gifted children are everywhere and the need of special education to understand them is important to develop their potential and talents in an optimal way.

On March 15th, even from USA wrote Josh Shaine: „There is something wry indeed in writing about Namibia’s Gifted Education Awareness Week while living in a place so deeply in denial of the needs of its own gifted.“  He followed: „The ideal behind gifted education is that every human being deserves an appropriate education to that individual’s abilities and needs.“ That is so true!

From Europe, Margaret Sutherland, Director of Scottish Network for Able Pupils, wrote in her article Namibia on March 13th, about the importance of differenciation: „Often we concentrate on those who have difficulty and thus there is an inconsistency between how we treat groups of people perceived to be different. It clearly depends on how you are different. There is, therefore, a tension which requires to be reconciled if such differences in treatment is to be justified. Equally the move towards inclusion, given the experiences of those segregated from mainstream education, militates, some might argue, against separate provision of any kind. One might question whether this is a budgetary response or an educational one.  These issues are ones that all countries are grappling with and Namibia will be no different. „

Peter Lydon as a leader of the Gifted Education awareness week in Ireland followed on March 13th with this: „I do not believe that gifted children are the ‘saviours of the universe’. I think the majority of children can acquire skills and other qualities that can enable them to contribute to our futures. However, it is clear that no country should allow the talent of any of their children to be wasted. By addressing the needs of its gifted children, Namibia can develop its pool of collective national genius to aid its development. Gifted Education Awareness Week in Namibia 2012 can be a powerful step in this direction.“ well said!

Leslie Graves as a member of the Excecutive Committee of WCGTC, a good soul and always ready to help Gifted Children everywhere wrote in her blog: „There is great poverty,   great wealth and an education system that  appears to be lacking in many resources, however it is also a brave country, with brave gifted advocates of its own, who are struggling to support both their academically gifted students and to maintain their traditionally artistic and talented communities.“ and I so appreciate her and her work.

Hilde Buys, originally from Namibia, living in Denmark describes in her blog the good old memory of her childhood and wrote: „Creating awareness about Gifted Children including their diversities is a really huge Global challenge.“ Which is so true and we love challenges.

From Australia, Jo Freitag, a very talented and creative gifted educator had the idea to write a blog with this titel: Namibia, Cheetahs and Gifted Students. At the first moment I was not sure what connects these words but she answered in her blog all my questions.

“This week it’s the start of a new “adventure”, with regards to discovering talents in Namibia” says Silvia van Biljon

This week is a start on a long long way which is stony but we already showed the world that with our unity we can do more for Gifted children all around the world and this time in Africa, Namibia.

We are going to start a great project, an adventure, a challenge,…and it feels so good to know that we are not alone, we have friends from all continents.

From Asia I am writing this blog and I am so grateful for all my friends, because I can count on them to create a better future for Gifted and Talented children, here, there or everywhere!

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. -Helen Keller

My special thanks to Ray Seefeldt, a young talented musician from Namibia, who allowed me to make this video with his song, Rediscovered.