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Lets serve gifted kids together!

I had heard about Prof. Pfeiffer and  had read several of his books before I met him for the first time in my life in Toulouse at our Conference last year in France. He is a very intelligent, sporty, friendly and a great familyman. I enjoyed our conversations about gifted education and about our families. Before my lecture, I was nevous and he tried to calm me down. Even though he is a professor he has very high values. I am so glad to call him my friend and I appreciate his support on my way to serve gifted children.

A few days ago he sent me an Email and wrote:

„I thought that your gifted center might enjoy this article. It is a revision of a paper I wrote for the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education, based on ideas that I describe in my 2013 book, Serving the Gifted. Feel free to share, post, distribute.“

Please click here to read his article:

Pfeiffer (2014). Tripartite Model of Giftedness


More about Professor Steven Pfeiffer?

Steven Pfeiffer is a Professor in the College of Education at Florida State University. Prior to his tenure at FSU, Dr. Pfeiffer was a Professor at Duke University. For five years, he served as Executive Director of Duke’s program for gifted students, the Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP). This past year, he was a Visiting Distinguished Professor at the National Institute of Education in Singapore.

Professor Pfeiffer received his Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill in 1977. His career has included teaching at the University of Pennsylvania, Fordham University and Tulane University, and serving as a Clinical Psychologist in the U.S. Navy. He testified at the White House before the National Task Force on Health Care Reform. Dr. Pfeiffer is a licensed psychologist, and a Fellow of the American Psychological Association. Over the past 30 years, he has worked with gifted children and their families in his counseling practice and He was recipient of the Excellence in Research Award from the Mensa International Education & Research Foundation for his work in creativity and emotional intelligence. He serves on the board of a number of international gifted organizations and gifted journals.

Dr. Pfeiffer is lead author of the Gifted Rating Scales, published by Pearson Assessment. The scale is among the most widely used and researched teacher rating scale in the gifted field.  He has authored or coauthored over 150 articles and book chapters. His Handbook of Giftedness, published in 2008, is a widely used text in gifted courses. He recently completed a new book Serving the Gifted, published this year by Routledge.

Dr. Pfeiffer served as co-Director of the Florida Governor’s School project and co-Director of the Engineering the Future STEM-academy for high ability students, sponsored by the Florida Center for Advanced Aero-Propulsion, Kennedy Space Center and NASA. A popular lecturer and workshop leader, his recent work has focused on how we as a society can assure the success of high ability students and the importance of what he calls “strengths of the heart.”

Steve_Head_Shot-2013Prof. Steven Pfeiffer

Serving the Gifted: Evidence-Based Clinical and Psychoeducational Practice (School-Based Practice in Action)