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‚G‘ for Gifted is more than just a word!

When the Hoagies’ Gifted Education Page announced a blog hop in my group, The International Gifted Education on facebook, I’ve decided to participate in it.


Because I care for Gifted Children and I can understand them best. I was once one of them

resizedimage212300-ScanImage002 and now I am trying to support them in my center:


The Global Center for Gifted and Talented Children

In my center as a solution oriented therapiest and specialist for gifted children I try to aid those kids, who are different from average kids and who sometimes have problems to deal with situation in the normal world.

Have you ever seen a Gifted Child? Take a look at our project: The Voice of Gifted Kids

For them „Normal“ means the way they are, the way they think and create and the way they feel, understand and recognise the world around them. If you ask Gifted children what is „Giftedness“? and who is „Gifted“? They will give you some of the following answers:

– Gifted means to be a fast thinker and to do everything different and faster than other kids.

– Gifted means to have cool ideas and solve problems easier.

– Gifted means to have laughing as hobby and to be happy and crazy, when you feel mad and bored in the classroom. To make other children to laugh as well.

– Gifted means to care for birds, nature, poor people, hungry animals and environment…

– Gifted means G for genial, I for incredible immagination, F for fabulous fantasy, T for Talented, E for exceptional, D for DREAMER!

Gifted What does it mean to others? 

For those who never look beyond their horizon, it does not mean anything because they can not understand the differences between a gifted person and avarage person.

There are several myths about gifted children, which are not true and we need more advocacy to spread the correct definition.

For some people Gifted means Elitism and others say it is all about expertise and that giftedness is an illusion.

There are some who just make politics under this label to make money and get their own goal without dedication to the cause of gifted children.

Oh baby it is a wild world!

For me „G“ for „Gifted“ is more than just a word. It is my life, my dream and my everything.

If you are still interested to know more and understand gifted children, I would like to invite to read our book: Let it flow!

My advise to everyone: Keep Calm and support Gifted kids! 999812_10151505495547027_972928560_n

Hope to see you all at the SENG Conference in CA!

blog_hop_may14_gwordThis blog is part of the Hoagies’ Gifted Education Page inaugural Blog Hop on The “G” Word (“Gifted”).  To read more blogs in this hop, visit this Blog Hop at