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A new year but …

Today I was working on the calender 2016 on our website and noticed that we have few International Conferences in Gifted Education in 2016.

Most of them are in USA and always the same speakers and repetition. People are losing motivation to attend conferences.

„We do not learn anything new at conferences“ said once a mother of a gifted child to me.

„What should I do there? I already knew everything what they are talking about.“ A Professor in Gifted Education from Europe told me.

I know it is not easy to organise a conference and make everyone happy about it but It is time to ask ourself before planning an international event or conference, what is our goal?

Are we really care for Gifted Children? or we just follow blind everyone else? or we just care for a politic way? or something else.

Fact is that I have changed my mind about International Conferences and to be honest I am disappointed about them.

It is time to think about this problem.


By the way I still think that for new teachers, parents and new gifted educators, who never attended an international conference in Gifted Education before,  it will help them to build their own opinion and if they are interested to visit a new place or networking with other people like minded, it is a good possibility.