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Creativity in Gifted Children

What is Creativity? Who is creative? How can I support a creative gifted child?

Illustration by Roya Klingner

Illustration by Roya Klingner

Find answers to your questions in our book: Creativity in Gifted Children

Book Description:
Defining creativity comprehensively explains what creativity is from an international diverse standpoint. At the same time, it makes for a concise and inspiring read that brings together everything there is to know about creativity and gifted children. This practical text is based on the newest research, and the described practice enables the reader to understand what creativity means and how we can develop potential in creative gifted children by creating a positive, constructive, and challenging curriculum along with a supportive learning environment for them.
This is a guide for teachers, parents and students. It is also aimed at educators, researchers and psychologists who work with children of advanced abilities and creativity. (Imprint: Nova)